congrats for 1300th anniversary with master-piece
1300th annversary


The famous Kinosaki Onsen celebrates its 1300th anniversary this year. Located in a hot spring town close to master-piece’s “BASE TOYOOKA” factory in Toyooka city, Hyogo prefecture, the onsen is loved by many writers including Naoya Shiga.

As a commemorative project for the 1300th anniversary, we have developed a collaboration based on the theme of a “hot spring tour”, by creating a hot spring tour bag that fits a robe and everyday wear, which is suitable for changing clothes and carrying towels when traveling to hot springs.

This item comes with a 1-day free pass exchange ticket (valid until 2026) for visiting the seven public bath in Kinosaki Onsen. It is a collaboration item can be felt close to Kinosaki Onsen that can be used not only for hot springs but also for daily use in gyms, swimming pools and public baths.



L : 12,100yen (tax in)

W340 H320 D280mm

S : 9,900yen (tax in)

W250 H240 D240mm


This hot spring bag is suitable for clothes and towels, and also fits in yukata (Japanese robes). Ideal for use in a gym, pool or hot spring, the main body is made of lightweight nylon woven with 70d warp and 160d weft, and has a special microporous membrane film (Toray Cortex Breathatec) laminated tricot nylon gives high water repellency and moisture permeability of 8,500g / 24hr. Good waterproof functionality with water pressure resistance of 11,000 mm. The main storage has a foldable buckle for a drawstring-like silhouette. The independent front pocket uses a YKK aqua guard zipper that has been treated to make it watertight.
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The bag features the two labels master-piece and Kinosaki Onsen. The label of Kinosaki Onsen is added especially for the commemoration of the 1,300th anniversary.


A special microporous membrane film (Toray Cortex Breathatec) is laminated on the back of lightweight nylon and laminated with tricot nylon to provide high water repellency, moisture permeability, and waterproofness.


Main storage inspired by stuffable pouch. Wrap the webbing and fasten the buckle for a drawstring pich-like look.


The independent front pocket uses a waterproof zipper to make it more water resistant.



1-day free pass exchange ticket + pass case


1-day free pass exchange ticket + pass case

Leather pass case that comes with YUMEGURI BAG. The motif is the “Ichiban Fuda” that was once loved at Kinosaki Onsen. This pass case comes with a one-day free pass exchange ticket (valid until 2026) for visiting the seven public baths in Kinosaki Onsen, as a chance to experience the hot springs. When you come to Kinosaki Onsen, present this card at the tourist center (in front of the station) and you can exchange it for a one-day free pass.


Seven hot springs


A hot spring that provides happiness, longevity and matrimonial happiness.

Kinosaki Onsen was opened by Dochi Shonin 1300 years ago, but there is another legend of Kinosaki Onsen, known about “KOU NO YU”. Once upon a time, if you look closely at the place where a stork with an injured leg healed his wounds, it seems that a hot spring appeared magically at this spot. This is “KOU NO YU”. Located in the innermost part of Kinosaki Onsen, it is the oldest open-air hot spring with a spacious garden.


A hot spring for prosperous business, lifelong wish for abundant harvest.

Kinosaki Onsen began when Dochi Shonin continued to chant the sutra called Hachimandarakyo for 1,000 days, and the sacred hot springs arose. Named “MANDARA YU” from Buddhism, the building has been made in the Karahafu style since ancient times. It’s located at deeper area with an eye-catching jade-colored roof. At the open-air bath, you can relax and enjoy your time while gazing at the scenery of the mountains.


A hot spring for fire prevention, good match fulfilment and beauty

It is named ” GOSHO NO YU” because there is an article in the historical story “Masukagami” of the Northern and Southern Dynasties that the sister of Emperor Go-Horikawa, Ankamon-in bathed here in 1267. A public bath that is popular as a “beauty hot spring”. It is an open-air bath with a pond, flowers, gold leaf folding screens and ceiling paintings, and a view of the back mountains.


A hot spring for wishes of success, traffic safety, and good luck blessing.

In the middle of the Edo period when ” ICHI NO YU” was created, it was originally named “ARAYU”. It gained its reputation through the book “Ippondo Yakusen” written by Shutoku Kagawa, a famous doctor in the Edo period. Shutoku Kagawa states that “Kinosaki ARAYU (ICHI NO YU) is the best in the world”. ARAYU has been renamed to “ICHI NO YU” after the “TEN KA ICHI” means the best of the world. Located in the center of Kinosaki Onsen, a large public bath and a cave-style semi-open-air bath can be enjoyed by a large number of people.


A hot spring for childbirth

Named ” YANAGI YU” because it springs from under a willow tree transplanted from Sai Lake, a scenic spot in China. It is also known to have the highest temperature of any outdoor hot spring. (43 ℃) Another feature is that the bathtub is deep. Although it is the smallest public bath, you can feel the great atmosphere.


A hot spring for home safety and memorial service for children.

During the Edo period, many villagers were taking a bath, so it was called “Satobito no Sotoyu”. It is said that the name “Jizou-yu” came from the source of this hot spring. The old-fashioned building that Jizou watches over is impressive. On the 2nd floor, there is a family bath and a large rest area with tatami mats, and there is a space for children with a shallow bathtub and a warm temperature, so the family can take a bath with peace of mind.


A hot spring to touch the heart with love.

Since it is adjacent to Kinosaki Onsen Station, you can enter whilst waiting for the train. From the rooftop open air basth, the nature of the Maruyama River and Kinosaki spreads out, and you can relax in the space filled with the scent of herbs and the sound of waterfalls. There is also a free foot bath at the entrance.


No.10/29 on sale

Size : W340 H320 D280mm

12,100yen (tax in)

No.10/29 on sale

Size : W250 H240 D240mm

9,900yen (tax in)